Space Is The Place Fest

…with the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra.

It’s an honor to be sharing the stage with the venerable Sun Ra Arkestra. When I was 19, and already familiar with Sun Ra’s solo piano work, I heard a recording of the Arkestra for the first time. It would take repeated listening for the radical social message of the music to sink in, but one moment made a lasting impression right away. A few minutes in, there was a sound so enormous and clear, I was immobilized. A sound not of Earth, it was everything at once. It came from Marshall Allen, who at 94 years old, will be leading the Arkestra on Friday and holding me captive once again. - Andrew

In the half-between world,
Dwell they: The Tone Scientists . . . . . . . . . .
In notes and tone
They speak of many things . . . . . . . . . . .
The tone scientists:
Architects of planes of discipline
Mathematically precise are they:
The tone-scientists.

The Immeasurable Equation: The Collected Poetry and Prose
by Sun Ra

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Spooky Action on stage Rendering a portrait of Marshall Allen. Courtesy of Joel Chico Guevara

Silverton Bob the Wonder Collie!

If you thought the critters from Homeward Bound were cool for walking <15 miles, then check out Silverton Bob. The famed pooch legendarily traveled from Indiana to Silverton, Oregon in search of his idiot master, who had left Bob in the midwest while on vacation. “Bobbie the Wonder Collie” became a national sensation when his return was printed in papers, resulting in a lot of fan mail. This live comic sets three poems from such letters to music and art.

Stanza @ the Push/Pull Gallery

Push/Pull is an awesome gallery space featuring awesome comics and awesome art! We’re doin’ an awesome show there with awesome poetry reading by awesome poets. Awesome!

Art and poetry 6 - 10 pm, with music in the middle at 8.
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SH*T GOLD: The Deep End

We’re excited to be part of this four hour onslaught of new performance art! Join us at 6 pm at the Velocity Dance Center.
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Blue Moon Tavern

We’re opening for Jean Chalant. ♥ ‘Twill be rad.

9 pm at the venerable Blue Moon Tavern.
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